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Our vision – Affordable energy and water for everyone

Cuculus is the key to providing utilities to all, while protecting the world’s precious resources. We provide cutting-edge software and technology solutions that address utility challenges worldwide.

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Tailoring the Cuculus experience to you

We’ve developed this website just for you — but we want to improve it! Much like our belief in product development – building, testing, analysing, and improving a product – is all part of the journey. We believe this applies to our website, too. So, we welcome your feedback!

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Cuculus and partner working close together hand-in-hand

  • Our partner family

Hand-in-hand solving the challenges of the utility space

Partnership is key to solving the biggest energy challenges of the next century. That’s why at Cuculus, our partners play a pivotal role in achieving our mission and vision. Together, we’re building innovative and progressive software solutions that address the needs and challenges of utilities – and societies – worldwide.
As our partner, we support you with

  • Responding to tenders and writing offers

  • New solutions design, especially beyond our own products

  • Comprehensive trainings

  • Business development and engagement

  • We focus on solutions

State-of-the-art solutions for the utility sector

The energy sector is undergoing immense digitalisation. To respond successfully to the challenges of today – and the challenges of tomorrow – utility providers and companies need agile and scalable technology solutions. Our solutions are built upon the needs of our customers. We’re developing state-of-the-art solutions that achieve results and were thought to be impossible — until now.

Smart Metering

Connecting millions of smart meters and processing billions of data sets per day

Smart Grid

Balancing the grid by controlling producers and consumers

Revenue Protection

Protecting the critical and financial assets of utility companies

  • Our ZONOS IoT Software Platform

A state-of-the-art IoT Platform tailored to individual customer needs and adaptable to whatever the future brings.

Our visionary ZONOS IoT Platform is built upon our passion for developing innovative and cutting-edge solutions. It provides flexibility, adaptability, and sustainability to utility projects worldwide. Learn how the IoT Platform manages large amounts of metering devices, several connectivity types, billions of data sets, and more.

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We’re specialists in our topic – the utility sector

The Cuculus team speaks 38 languages and hails from over 21 different countries! We’re the biggest specialised team in the world of energy, and we’re excited to support you on your next project. We speak your language, and we understand your market’s challenges. Talk to us!

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