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  • Meet ZONOS

The ZONOS IoT Platform supports these capabilities.

Infographic Overview of the Zonos IoT Platform

Head End System (HES) / Advanced Meter Management (AMM)

Manage millions of smart meters efficiently

As a multi-utility Head End System (HES), the IoT Platform enables the management and control of large and complex smart metering infrastructures.

Meter Data Management (MDM)

Control billions of smart metering data

For Meter Data Management (MDM), the IoT Platform provides processed meter data for upstream business applications, such as billing systems.

Zonos is avaiable on SAP Store

Native Integration (HES/AMM + MDM)

A single system on one platform

Head End System (HES) and Meter Data Management (MDM) can be integrated into a single system, avoiding data redundancy and allowing cost savings.

  • Multi-Utility Capability

Supporting all smart meter types 

The IoT Platform supports electricity, water, gas, heat, and cooling utilities — and has the ability to communicate to both residential and industrial meters.

The IoT Platform supports electricity, water, gas, heat, and cooling utilities
Examples for the over 200 supported different types of smart meters vendors and other devices
  • Multi-Vendor and Multi-Communication Technology Support

Complete multi-vendor and multi-technology integration

We provide out-of-the-box capabilities for more than 200 different types of smart meters and other devices. Benefit from an open solution that supports any kind of communication technology.

  • Smart Data Collection

10X more data than the alternatives

The IoT Platform collects new data points from connected smart meters every 15 minutes, and sometimes data collection is at an even higher frequency! That is 10x more metering data collection than any other leading software solution on the market. 

Our product team is continuously innovating to provide even more powerful solutions that go beyond the IoT Platform’s current technological capabilities. Our innovation has led to a reduction in our CO2 carbon footprint by half within the last two years!

ZONOS collects 10X more metering data than any alternative on the market
highly scalable: can be used for millions of smart meters
  • High-Meter Volumes Supported 

A scalable solution, used for millions of meters

The IoT Platform supports several billion-meter readings a day, and can be processed and read in short intervals. Our product team continues to develop state-of-the-art system upgrades that will increase these daily meter readings further.

The ZONOS Modules attach seamless to the core
  • ZONOS Modules

The software modules you need for project flexibility

As an extension of the ZONOS IoT Platform, our modules provide seamless integration with existing system landscapes and allow you to gain additional functionalities on your project. The ZONOS Modules enable you to provide a complete end-to-end solution to customers while also ensuring easy adaption to new requirements and future business goals.

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Director Product Management

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