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  • State-of-the-art software design

ZONOS is built upon our passion for developing innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

ZONOS IoT Platform

The ZONOS IoT Platform is developed for critical infrastructure and tailored to the special needs of smart metering, smart city, smart grid applications, and beyond.

ZONOS Modules

As an extension of the ZONOS IoT Platform, our modules allow you to gain additional functionalities on your project.

  • ZONOS core benefits

Our software’s DNA: Flexibility, scalability & performance

The ZONOS IoT Platform is the most flexible software solution for all kinds of meter vendors and technology solution


The ZONOS IoT Platform is a multi-vendor and multi-communication technology solution, built upon different system blocks that can be used flexibly and in combination with each other.

ZONOS super brain is highly-scalable with millions of smart meters and the module extentions


From supporting just a few to millions of smart meters and billions of meter data, our IoT Platform is extremely scalable due to its modern and modular design principles.

ZONOS performance for data collection and processing is as fast as superman

High Performing

The ZONOS IoT Platform’s ultra-high-speed core is built for fast data collection and processing – with the capability to process over 1.25 million messages per second! Because of our IoT Platform’s high performance, fewer energy resources are required — resulting in an overall lower CO2 footprint.

  • ZONOS IoT Platform

A state-of-the-art IoT Platform designed specifically for critical infrastructure

Put your mind at ease. Connect large amounts of devices easily. Benefit from a non-vendor-specific solution that supports various utilities (electricity, water, gas, etc.) and any kind of communication technology. Collect, process, and analyse billions of data sets.

Infographic Overview of the Zonos IoT Platform
The ZONOS Modules attach seamless to the core
  • ZONOS Modules

The software modules you need for project flexibility

As an extension of the ZONOS IoT Platform, our modules provide seamless integration with existing system landscapes and allow you to gain additional functionalities on your project. The ZONOS Modules enable you to provide a complete end-to-end solution to customers while also ensuring easy adaption to new requirements and future business goals.

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Director Product Management

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